About us

Have you ever had any of those thoughts:

“I can’t change the world, I’m just one person”

“Quality is more important than the quantity, but I can’t afford the better quality”

“I would buy more ethically if it would be easier”

“How can I know if this product or service is fair?”

“It doesn’t matter what I do, others won’t change their habits anyway”

We did too. That’s what unfair companies want you to think. That’s why we want to fix it!

 We’re building an ethical go-to guide
to help you make your shopping experience better than ever.

You need staff, we get it. But you don’t want to be a part of a problem, rather a part of the solution, am I right? It’s easier with us, because we are literary doing the hard part about your ethical choices for of you. Every day we’re scanning ethical businesses around the globe. We’re evaluating them and filtering them to give you a 100% certainty, that you’re spending your money where it matters. You can take us shopping everywhere, to your neighborhood, to holidays or business trips. You don’t need to know places you’re traveling to, we’ll guide you.

Visit our survey page and vote for places and types of goods you need. Every month we will create a list of places and suggestions on how to shop kindly in few most voted locations.

Speaking about quality over quantity

There are many services where you can potentially find some of your wanted places, but non of them is so comprehensive and effortless to use. We’ve used most of the available solutions out there for years. Websites, apps, forums. Some of them are paid, some are free, but non of them is build in the way that:

  • It covers all that matters: human and animal welfare and sustainability for environment,
  • It covers all possible branches, not just restaurants, or just fashion, or just cosmetics…,
  • Is effortless to use.

To be fair, being conscious, responsible consumer was a pain so far, and we are working hard to change it!

Changing a world with one mind at the time

We have been ethical consumers for long time. Everyone in our team “got there” in a different way and for a different reasons. We’ve  dedicated our time and skills to this project, willingly, simply believing it’s the right thing to do. We are more than a team, meet our small internet family.

Martyna Tomaszewska – Editor, Founder, Designer

She writes texts, administers the site, designs all graphics. Although writing is not her main “thing”, she tries to transfer knowledge gathered through years of experience. She designs a “super-cool” mobile application about ethical shopping.

Anna Popis-Witkowska – Editor, Proofreader

Three words: cats and horses. No one know how she does it, but she’s able to correct any text with speed of light and top quality like it’s no effort at all. She have corrected all our polish articles and pages content. Even the survey!

Szymon Liszewski – Editor, Translator, Developer

For years, he has been running the project “Quality and safety of food” (PL).  He created the Feedy Cow, who reveals the absurdities associated with the food industry, consumer habits and intrusive marketing in this branch.

Jarosław Stefaniak – Editor, Translator

A paramedic with a wide range of interests, from physics, chemistry, astronomy to humanities. Professional experience inspired him to start educational and journalistic activity.

Jakub Wróblewski – Editor, Translator

True warrior, literally and figuratively, and in addition, he’s a volunteer of the WOŚP Peaceful Patrol. No one was surprised by the fact that he wanted to help in the project in the way he could do it best, and thus translating content for our English-speaking readers.

Marzena Sówka – Strategist, Marketing

Sleepless nights, days of brain storms and hours of involvement in creating our marketing strategy. She even involved her friends and family to help with English translations on the page. Just because!

Marian Mrozek – Strategist, Tester

Every single idea that we’ve come up with in last 2 years goes through him. Why? Because his super power is to find all weak spots of ideas and make them bulletproof. He’s also one of most dedicated ambassadors of this project.

Marian’s personal page: marianmrozek.com


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