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Milks & the environment

Plant alternatives

The global market of alternative plant-based dairy products grows steadily. Coconut, rice, cashew, almonds, hazelnuts, millet, and even hemp are only some of the options available. Poles turns also increasingly to plant replacements. They are chosen by people who care about health, vegetarians and vegans, as well as those who are interested in the condition of our planet. We know that meat production has a huge environmental cost, but what is the environmental impact of different types of vegetable milk and how they compare to cow’s milk? We have examined products that appear most frequently in stores.

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Fot. Shannon Litt
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Akashinga means “The Brave Ones”

There are not many more majestic views than a herd of elephants roaming the plains of Africa. Unfortunately, each year 20,000 of these beautiful animals are killed for ivory.

Damien Mander is an Australian sniper, former Special Forces commando, clearance diver, founder of the International Anti-Poaching Foundation [IAPF]. He has been fighting for a decade for the protection of endangered animals of Africa.

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