I don’t believe in the New Year’s resolutions or the new beginning. The new year isn’t separated with a magic line from the previous one, and tradition is not an excuse good for everything.

However, this is a great opportunity to give our project some framework and goals. Therefore, instead of New Year’s resolutions, we decided to take our own challenge!

Because it’s Veganuary, it’s a great opportunity to make animal rights as the subject of our challenge, but not only! Veganism is not a diet, it’s a philosophy of life in which doctrine is not to inflict suffering on all beings, humans including. The side effect of this activity – though fully intentional – is also the care for the environment.

269 ​​is a number known to all those who have the rights of animals at heart. It’s an ordinal number of the calf that was released from the livestock farm a few days before the date of its export to the slaughterhouse. Today the adult bull lives peacefully in the sanctuary for animals, but its history has moved millions of hearts and has become an inspiration for activists around the world.

269 ​​is also the number of our challenge according to which we undertake to introduce to you 269 companies before the end of the year. Companies that, in accordance with ethics and sustainable development – measures that often seem to overlook the welfare of animals as an important criterion – also care for our smaller brothers.

We are already starting on Wednesday, Veganuary 17th, with the first proposal of the unique “triethical” brand.

If you know, or even do business with respect for the rights of people, animals and the environment, please let us know!

If you run a blog or fanpage and would like to take “269 Challenge” write to us or tag us if you like, we’ll be glad to mention that you are taking part!