Choices you make on everyday basis are far more important than you might possibly think. If, in your opinion, ethical shopping is expensive, difficult or even impossible, our magazine is exactly what you need. Each and everyone of us is a consumer and we all would like to do the shopping both responsibly and effortlessly.It is a great challenge to find places, services and products which support good and balanced economy. That is why we created #GoEthic – to support you in everyday decisions you make while shopping and to save your time. Here you will find some tips for consumers, information on events or fairs organized in your neighborhood as well as a guide to places where you can buy products with no remorse.

Why would anyone need ethical shopping?

Writer and activist Anna Lappé said: “Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” Our money can go to companies or entire industries that contribute to environmental degradation, deterioration of consumers’ health, exploitation, and cruelty to animals.
Fortunately, sustainable business, ecological, fair trade or vegan models are becoming more and more popular not only among us, buyers, but among entrepreneurs as well. Ethical shopping is about choosing better alternatives than those used by shopping malls or those endlessly advertised on television.

As actions to promote ethical shopping are disperse, however, it still makes a statistical consumer put in a lot of effort to reach the right place with his money. Many still do not know that there is a good alternative. Others believe that they can not afford ethical shopping. There are also people who explain to themselves that “it’s just fashion and has nothing to do with making positive changes to the economy.”

We’ve created #GoEthic to help you get through tedious search and to show that conscious buying is simpler and cheaper than you think. We are creating a catalogueg of companies and stores operating in the spirit of conscious consumption for you. We ask ethical consumers what they buy and where. Everything to help you with your ethical shopping every day.

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