This article was suppose to look completely different. The plan was to summ up responses of survey participants and group them according to prices. Soon enough I realized that this plan won’t work,  because most ideas of my respondents have no price tag. How can you measure a desire to spend some time alone with your partner or spouse, or a contribution to charity fund instead of a gift? The responses I received surprised me very positively.


Presents for vegans, minimalists and environmentalists

Presents for vegans, minimalists and environmentalists are, in fact, very festive. The good news is that if you have a vegan family member or friend, all-eco-freak, or another green enthusiast you should be very happy about it. My research shows that it is a group of people that satisfying is both – the easiest and the cheapest. If you don’t believe it, or you have no idea how to make your close one a happy person, I invite you to keep reading.

1. The triumph of gift cards

Gift Card

The best gifts for vegans, minimalists and environmentalists are the ones they choose for themselves. Gift cards, passes, subscriptions, vouchers, coupons, tickets – these are options that have been chosen by 4 out of 10 participants.

Although some participants as a form of present mentioned gift card to their favorite store, the most popular one was the gift card that would allow them to keep good shape. Thus the most frequently mentioned passes and subscriptions were for classes such as yoga, swimming pool or dancing. However, good form is not only about exercising but also about relaxation, preferably in the form of a massage, spa or beauty treatment.

Handicrafts, hobby or self-education courses are another favorite form of present. It’s usually combined with another one – taking care of your children while you are leaving for the course. For research participants the such voucher for the workshop is a golden package – resting from daily duties, traveling which means an adventure, as well as the opportunity to devote time for themselves and their interests.

Another greatly appreciated gift is the opportunity to live the adventure. The participants will be happy to accept trip ticket, preferably to travel in pair with a giver, and they do not have to be air tickets.

Full list of ideas below:

Subscription to TV channel,
Subscription for annual membership in charity fund,
Gift card for vegan shoes, cosmetics or clothing,
Gift card to creative or textile shop,
Gift card to zero waste, ecological, vegan, fairtade or pet shop.
Pass to gym, yoga, swimming pool, ice skating, pole dance, fitness, pilates, dance lessons, zumba, voucher for running
Voucher for massage, manual therapy, spa, vegan hairdresser or vegan beauty salon,
Coupons from kids with promises,
Voucher for courses of sewing, knitting, crocheting, weaving, ceramics, handmade cosmetics,
Voucher for workshops of handicraft, painting for beginners, ceramics, plastic arts,
Coupon for a language course, healthy nutrition,
Family ticket for some attraction,
Coupon for vegan catering,
Coupon for photo session,
Weekend pass for car rally with VIP access to service area,
Voucher for tattoo, coupon for apartment cleaning,
Voucher for escape room, VR room,
Air, train or bus ticket.


2. The way to a human’s heart is through is stomach


The second best present idea for our target group – vegans, minimalists and environmentalists – are edible gifts. If you like cooking, then the problem is solved. The most appreciated gastronomic gifts must be homemade. Cakes, pastries, vegan pâtés, tinctures and other home made liquors, syrups, sweet and savory jarred goods, especially those fermented are the holy grail of all conscious gourmands.

However, if you don’t like “standing in the kitchen” or do not have time for it, your best hit will be nuts, delicacies, sweets and alcohols. There is only one rule – food must be healthy and ethical!

Full list of ideas below:

Delicacies: dried berries, goji berries, pumpkin seeds, coconut shrims,
Nuts: hazelnuts, cashew nuts, pine nuts,
Fruits: pineapple, date-plum, coconut, lychee, mango, papaya, rambutan – fresh or dried
Alcohols: liqueur, homemade tinctures, porto, wine,
Sweets: cake, pastries, cheesecake, chocolate, chocolate for cooking, cocoa butter, praline,
Vegan soups,
Canned and home-made products: jams, cocks in vinegar, honey, dried tomatoes, mushrooms and fruits in lime, vanilla extract, lentil pâté,
Beverages: tea, coffee, elderberry syrup,
Spices, meat substitutes, olive oil, vegan cheeses,
Pet food,
Diet supplements – 100% vegetable composition.

3. Kitchen revolutions

Since we are talking about food, no one should be surprised that kitchen utensils are the most sought products by vegans and environmentalists. Most of them love to cook, but this is not the only reason.

My respondents are aware that home cooking is not only healthy but also ecological. Instead of buying bottled water, they prefer to buy a filter bottle and fill it with tap water each day. The multifunction blender allows you to make your own sandwiches pastes, and a juicer will help in preparing fresh drinks without added sugar. There is a method in this madness. If we add it to shopping in the so-called zero waste stores – places where you shop with your own containers – then the desire to furnish their own kitchen kingdom seems to be fully understood.

Full list of ideas below:

For cooking: glass pots, pan (including pancake pan), wok,
For drinks: filter bottle, thermo cup, thermos,
Small household appliances: cup or multifunctional blender, low speed squeezer, spiralizer,
Baking moulds and for muffins, plates,
Dishes: kneading-trough,
Bamboo dishes: cups, bowls, cutlery,
Kitchen accessories: metal straws, scoops, ceramic knives, vegetable peeler, sharpener, coconut scrub brush,
Food containers,
Waste segregation containers.

Mentioned products:

Julienne Peeler – it’s not a product, it’s a cutting philosophy!
Vitamix – the most popular blender of all time,
To-Go Ware – bamboo cutlery set.

4. Cosmetics without laboratories

Cosmetic presents for vegans, minimalists and environmentalists must meet a number of requirements, which makes them a challenging to buy. However, this type of gift has been chosen by 21% of persons, so it may be worth the effort.

What are these requirements? First of all, no matter the lifestyle (vegan or not) consumers understand that cosmetics do not have to or even should not be tested on animals. They also don’t see any justification for using ingredients of animal origin. In their bathrooms we will easily find vegan, cruelty free or leaping bunny certificates on product packages.

Another important criterion is ecology and natural ingredients. Products made in to recycled or biodegradable packaging are usually the choice of selection. What’s more important, our participants do not want their cosmetics to be created in test tubes. They prefer home-made products, with natural ingredients, even if they are intended for short-term use. Modern substances, patented formulas and colorful boxes do not make any impression on them. They can in fact have the opposite effect to the intended.

Full list of ideas below:

Color cosmetics: eyeliner, concealer, hairspray, color palette, good quality foundation, lipstick,
Care cosmetics: soap, bath balls or salt, face cream, cosmetic replacement oils, hair conditioner, hair conditioner (paste) for men,
For cleaning: organic detergents, mint, lemon or orange vinegar for cleaning, washing nuts

Do czyszczenia: ekologiczne detergenty piorące, ocet miętowy, cytrynowy lub pomarańczowy do sprzątania, orzechy piorące

Mentioned products:

Kat von D,

5. The gift of time

The most valuable gifts are those that cost nothing (or very little). Maybe that’s why we rarely think of them, and even less often we offer them. Nonetheless, “gifted” time, meeting or going out together are the perfect gifts for vegans, minimalists and environmentalists. This form of the gift is chosen by every fifth person.

Purchased tickets to the cinema or to the theater can be wrapped in a decorative envelope, tied with a ribbon and attached with dedication. Zero waste or environmentalists are unlikely to appreciate the effort of the luminaire, though, for instance, you can try with recycled materials.

How to “give” time? Time is very difficult to tie with a ribbon, but it can be immortalized in the form of a promise written on a piece of paper. This kind of self-made coupon is a brilliant solution not just for adults. Many parents are encouraging their kids to give them such presents on Christmas. Moreover, it doesn’t have to be a promise of a dinner or a movie. Parents will be happy enough with prosaic gifts like “coupon for evening TV series with dad/mom”, “coupon for cleaning up my room” or “coupon for caring for younger siblings”.

Apparently, simple gifts brigs the most happiness.

Full list of ideas below:

Time for yourself,
Time together, with children, with friends, with family,
Cinema, concert,
Dinner out or shared cooking at home,
Opera, theater, philharmonic or exhibition,
Walk, picnic, volunteering together.

6. Clothing, accessories and hand-mades

You’re deeply wrong, if you think that buying socks is a shame and lack of ingenuity. However, if you buy them for vegans, minimalists and environmentalists then you need to know that socks from mall franchises – no matter how soft and nice to touch – will not pass the exam in this case. Socks should come from producers who obtain resources for production in a sustainable manner, safe for environment and workers in the supply chain. The most popular socks will be made of organic cotton, hemp or recycled yarn.

The same principle applies to all other wardrobe gifts. Clothing, shoes and accessories – if you really want to spend that money – have to be vegan, organic and fairly produced. You won’t find such boutiques in most shopping malls, so save yourself the time and stress. Internet comes handy. You’ll find there online and brick stores, who knows, maybe even in your neighborhood?

Ethical products have gained fame of being pricey, not quite rightly. They are considered to be more expensive than the mall franchises offer, while both models have cheaper and more expensive products in offer. Fortunately, gifts for vegans, minimalists and environmentalists do not have to have snobbish labels on them. If you can knit, crochet or sew, then you’re home. A handmade scarf, hat, sweater or bag will delight nearly 20% of surveyed people. Handmade is truly a brilliant choice.

Full list of ideas below:

Vegan wallet, handbag, bag, backpack, belt, watch,
Tote bag, pouches and containers for grocery shopping,
Gym, trekking, running boots,
Cap, scarf, knited funnel, velvet soft sweater,
Warm winter jacket,

Mentioned products – shoes:

Dogo Schuhe – shoes and handbags

Mentioned products – clothes:

Many Mornings
Plan Planeta

Mentioned products – accessories:

Matt & Nat
Alexandra K
Paulina Schaedel
Oak Bags

7. Supporting the needy

A gift of donation to charity foundations is highly popular too. Every 6th person selected this option. Mainly child care and animal care foundations were listed among the others. Giving to others brings a lot of joy and fulfillment, but such gifts are very rare.

Our families usually ignore such ideas, as well as request to have no gifts at all. It seems that we attach too much importance to material and aesthetic things, that the gift is still a tangible thing in common opinion.

But the ecologists and the minimalists do not need things to feel happy. One could even say that the less things around them, the better they feel. So if they ask you for a gift in the form of a good gesture for others, then they really say it seriously, and nothing will make them more happy than you saying “alright, let’s do it.”

Full list of ideas below:

Switching to veganism or adopting an older dog from the shelter is also a form of helping the needy,
Support for: hospices, organisations helping women, animal sanctuaries,
PAH – Polish Humanitarian Action
Spolek Prales Dětem CZ – Czech association for the protection of virgin forests and endangered species
People in Need

8. Books, perfect presents for vegans, minimalists and environmentalists

A book is always a good gift, if it’s in reader’s type. This gift was chosen by every 6’th person. An eBook reader is also a good idea. It will be especially appreciated by the minimalists, environmentalists and zero waste advocates.

It is not hard to guess that for the group of people who have chosen food as their second most favorite gift, the most popular books will be about healthy nutrition, cooking and veganism. Also welcomed will be publications about nature, animals and their rights. You might also want consider ordering a subscription of a favorite magazine, although it is a gift that is difficult to make without ruining the effect of surprise.

Full list of ideas below:

Format: paper book, e-book, audiobook;
topics: food, veganism, cookery, animal rights;
voucher to the bookstore;
Storytel subscription (audiobooks, Spanish).



9. Home decor presents are quite a risk

Only 1 in 10 people chose a home decor gift. Apart from ecological candles, this category is full of discrepancy. Therefore, it’s not a safe present idea, unless you know your eco friend quite well. If you don’t know him or her so well, we recommend buying an aromatic candle, for example vegan or homemade. Unfortunately, a candle bought in discount store will not cause any admiration.

Full list of ideas below:

Candles – ethical, ecological, vegan, e.g. soy;
Vase, pot, basket or weaved mat, a bowl made of paper pulp or clay, paper wall;
A photo frame or even only photos, a snowball, a figurine, a picture, ceramics, – they can be bought at a flea market;
Renovated furniture or item, or made by yourself;
blanket, patchwork quilt, linen bedding;
handmade toys.



10. Feeling green!

A gift associated with the garden, plants or flowers was chosen by every 10 people as well, but one can see a certain consequence in it. It’s also fairly easy to deduce whether such a gift will catch on. If your friend’s apartment looks like a jungle or orangery, then even giving him a plant that he already has will make him joyful. In truth, do we know anyone (except of allergic) who would not like flowers?

This gift doesn’t require any spendings neither. The only thing that can please the florist more than the flower you bought is … flower personally split and planted in home conditions. This gift is not only more special, but also giving a greater guarantee of flowering.

And what about the garden, terrace, balcony? Many ecologists grow their own micro-farms – herbs, greens, some types of fruits and vegetables. Such home cultivation is not only more sustainable and cheaper, but also gives a lot of satisfaction, and to some also a relax. If your friend is interested in gardening, you should consider a gift that I will fit to his hobby.


Full list of ideas below:

Squirrel house, bird feeder;
composter, organic fertilizer in a cardboard box, self-irrigation nursery planter;
flower in a pot, garden plants, air-purifying plants;
forest in a jar.

Mentioned plants:

flower bulbs;


11. We are what drives us

Gifts related to passion are very personal. If you know your friend and his hobby well, your gift will make him endlessly happy. Each of us enjoys getting gifts that fit into our “thing”. They are not only practical and useful, but also an expression of acceptance of our passions.

However, it is not easy to make such a gift. In good intentions, however we can buy something that he already has or an item with wrong properties. Perhaps that is why only 9% of respondents chose this kind of gift for themselves.

Full list of ideas below:

Wooden crochet and knitting needles, sewing machine, loom, snow-blade, yarn winder;
glue gun, glues, scalpel set, cutting mat;
belt sander, oscillating grinder, driller and a set of workers’ accessories;
watercolor paints;
bicycle accessories, exercise weights or other favorite sport accessories;
semi-precious stones – mountain crystal, smoky crystal, quartz, amethyst;
material made of bio cotton, cotton cords;
strap, strings and other recycled accessories for guitar.

Mentioned products:

Juki – sewing machine
D’Addario – guitar accesories
Dremel – universal accessories set
Vehement – vegan boxing gloves and other sports accessories

12. Let’s live the adventure

Parachuting, bungee jumping, flying in the balloon and diving. Gifts for vegans, minimalists and ecologists should definitely adhere to the principle of “to be” rather than “to have”. Only a few like to receive gifts like this. Only 7 out of 100 people expressed their desire to try extreme sports or experiences that they yet had no opportunity to try. Most participants in the study described such gifts as not desirable, not only because they don’t fall within the scope of their interests. An important reason was the reluctance to organize their time by another person. We simply don’t like spending time doing things we have no interest in.

Full list of ideas below:

Parachuting, bungee jumping, paragliding, diving, rally,
Horse riding, ice skating, ballooning.

At the end

196 people took part in my research, mainly from Poland, but also from the USA, England, Spain, Czech Republic and more. I received 241 replies with gift ideas. Participants were connected with the following trends: vegans, zero waste, minimalism, fair trade, up-cycling, ecology. The study lasted 8 hours.

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